Novel ideas?


A colleague and I convened a “kick off” meeting yesterday. When we left the meeting and travelled back to the city, she said something like “Another successful novel idea!”

Not being sure what novel idea she had in her mind, I asked “Which one?”

She said, “Getting people together so that they can talk to each other”.

And I said, “Ahhh … yes … one of several novel ideas that you just pursued:

  1. Getting people together so that they can talk
  2. Asking people to do things
  3. Giving people information necessary for them to do the task you want them to do
  4. Letting people do their job”

And then we talked about the novelty of these ideas. How is it that they seem so novel? How is it that people don’t do these things so often that we have cause to feel that the idea of doing so is something new, novel, innovative, earth-shattering …

How is it that this could be?

I suggested to my colleague that she should write a book on this topic as it would clearly be a best seller and provide a lasting income beyond any retirement that she might contemplate.

I wonder whether it would be a best seller?

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