The evolving content of this site is the result of working with a wide range of people as associates, clients and connections, all of us engaged in modeling enterprises to support their adaptation and sustainment.

I am indebted to:

  • associates who have helped me to understand and assist clients and their enterprises and who have shared the journey towards greater personal accomplishment
  • clients who have offered the opportunity to join them on their journey towards greater enterprise accomplishment
  • those connections with whom I have disagreed who have prompted me to better understand, articulate and practice the modeling of enterprises
  • those client staff who have been my greatest challenges because of their fixed mindsets and the need to find effective ways for their enterprise to adapt and flourish despite the significant impediment that fixed mindsets create

Over the course of time that I have developed my understanding, articulation and practice of modeling and architecting enterprises, I have drawn upon:

  • the business and operating models that are shared in common across and within the following sectors:
    • health
    • human services
    • education
    • higher education and research
    • criminal justice
    • utilities
    • manufacturing
    • defence
    • resources
    • transport
    • economic development
    • government
  • the concepts and methods evident in:
    • corporate governance (through AICD)
    • quality management (ISO 9000)
    • systems lifecycle (ISO 15288)
    • systems engineering lifecycle (INCOSE)
    • architecture descriptions (ISO 42010)
    • process frameworks (APQC)
    • IT frameworks (COBIT, ITIL, IT4IT)
    • systems thinking
  • the thinking and writing of various authors including:
    • Thinking in Systems (Meadows)
    • The Fifth Discipline (Senge)
    • The Fractal Organisation (Hoverstadt)
    • Managing Corporate Lifecycles (Adizes)
    • Adaptive Enterprise (Haeckel)
    • Diagnosing the Organisation (Beer)
    • Recreating the Corporation (Ackoff)
    • The Patterning Instinct (Lent)