This segment outlines the various processes and approaches that can be taken to developing enterprise models to establish an effective change program for executing the enterprise business strategy.

The key steps that I outlined three years ago largely remain the same:

  1. Validate the (intended) business model
  2. Validate the (intended) operating model
  3. Develop / update / validate a capability model
  4. Assess adequacy of current capabilities to support operating model
  5. Scope initiatives to address gaps
  6. Develop roadmap and investment portfolio

These have been encapsulated in the following visual representation.


More recently, I have received a number of comments about this (mainly from architects) expressing concern that the visual suggests that:

  • the process is linear
  • the starting point is a vision
  • there needs to be a narrative to better explain the visual

What I have found is that:

  • clients and stakeholders relate well to the chevron diagram as it conveys in a simple manner the initial journey that they will undertake with me acting as their travel guide
  • the process is adaptive such that we take account of what exists already and focus on what does not exist, adjusting the itinerary as we go
  • the process can be viewed as an assurance process in relation to existing approaches and materials developed by the enterprise

That said, I have refined the following visual to reflect a cycle – the enterprise transformation lifecycle – which can be:

  • commenced at any point
  • undertaken as many times as necessary
  • applied to any entity (from a freelancer to a global community)
  • integrated with other methodologies and frameworks


Further information about each of these elements can be found in the Concepts section of this site.

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