Quality of business analysis?

It seems (to me) that many enterprises are facing difficulties in successfully planning and conducting business transformation and improvement initiatives due to the poor quality or even absence of fundamental inputs that good business analysis provides into the scoping, designing, developing and adopting of changes intended to improve the performance of these enterprises.

This prompts a range of questions:

  • Is this perception well founded?
  • If so, why is this occurring?
  • What can  be done about this?
  • If there are options, which are likely to be most effective?
  • How do we get started?
  • Who do we need to involve?
  • How do we measure progress or success?

I plan to explore some of these questions, but I am also interested in others’ perceptions:

  • Does this match with your observations and impressions?
  • Are there other related issues which need to be considered?
  • Are there other questions which should be asked?
  • What do you see as the critical elements to making a discernible difference?

I look forward to exploring this question further.



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