Where to start

In my experience, the best place to start is to model enterprise capabilities.   Current indications are that significant interest exists in modeling, analysing and designing business capabilities.

One of the key features of this approach is that it can be undertaken using a breakdown approach.

  • Level 0 represents the enterprise as a single capability.
  • Level 1 capabilities are the standard split of governing, value adding and enabling capabilities
  • Level 2 capabilities are those required to support each of the level 1 capabilities
  • Level 3 capabilities are those required to support each of the level 2 capabilities, etc

In this way, working with people who know the enterprise well, it is easy to construct a capability model, either of the current or the proposed enterprise operating model.

This allows the governing body and executive management to assess the suitability, strength and sustainability of each capability, from there developing an enterprise improvement agenda, with clarity in relation to the investment required and the benefits / outcomes expected and, if well managed, realised.

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