Purpose of enterprise modeling

It’s probably worth defining enterprise modeling in the context that it is being used here, as well as describing the purpose for which it is used.


Enterprise modeling – the science, art and practice of creating models of enterprises, whether of an existing enterprise or of an enterprise being imagined and envisioned

Here, enterprise and modeling are intended as per the earlier post about the power of enterprise modeling on this blog.


The purpose of enterprise modeling in the context of enterprise-modeling.org is to create models which enable the participants in an enterprise to better understand how the enterprise:

  • operates
  • should operate (ie is intended to operate)
  • could operate (eg. with particular changes or improvements)

Typically, the purpose revolves around a desire to improve the performance of the enterprise, to express the proposed model(s) of operation which it could pursue, to select the most effective, implementable model and to support the investment decision making process which identifies the cost of making the changes to the enterprise and the outcomes and benefits of making the change.

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