What’s important about these values?

  • Integrity – models are used to aid understanding and decisions – fundamentally flawed models do not help improve understanding or the quality of decisions!
  • Clarity – we all have models : mental models, there are currently over 6 billion mental models roaming the planet.   In order to work together more successfully, we seek to achieve alignment of our mental models – that involves making them explicit so that they can be communicated – and that requires clarity of communication!
  • Respect – as we engage in aligning our models, we need to do it respectfully – no model is perfect, there is no correct model.  Multiple perspectives help us better understand the entity we are modelling.  Appropriate respect should be offered for other models, and in return respect for our own will be granted!
  • Openness – models need to be shared, not locked up and hidden – opening them up to test and challenge offers the opportunity for refinement and improvement, as well as shared understanding!
  • Reciprocity – the sharing of a model is a gift, the best we can do is to offer a gift in return.  Engagement in a reciprocal manner builds trust and capacity to explore more deeply!
  • Empowerment – providing a model and enabling enhanced understanding empowers others.  It allows them to use it to our mutual advantage.  Command and control should be avoided.  Empowering is encouraged!
  • Learning – a commitment to learning is a commitment to growth and development – of oneself and of others.  It also constitutes an acceptance of failure and a recognition of the opportunity to learn from failure.  It requires forgiveness of self and others.
  • Creativity – improving the way we do things, creating models of new ways of doing things, requires creativity and imagination!
  • Courage – the courage to live out these values, to model them, to make them our behaviours, to be a leader, and to admit when we are wrong or have failed to live up to them!

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